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We offer top website design solutions in Uganda.
Our website design work is based on a team of innovative and fast track web designers, you will also make use of vast experience to have your website developed in a very short time, neat and accurate to your needs.
We do not just create websites online; we also provide a strategic online publicity campaigns depending on your targets, budget and needs to create the best marketing strategy for your website.

The internet has become a very crucial part of successful business operations today, you should always make sure your website is a well planned input that should add value to your operations. Creating a successful website takes good effort at some of the major stages of the website development process as explained below:

#1. The sitemap

This clearly outlines which pages shall be included in your website depending on your needs. This stage is similar to the requirements engineering and the systems analysis in software development; it is here that you will make a rough plan of how pages shall be arranged in your website and what content shall be published at the various pages.
We closely work together with your team at this stage of website development to understand your operations, exchange more information and give technical recommendations about the pages to be included in your website and a propose a sitemap layout.

  #2. Compiling website information

This is a phase of gathering all the information that shall be published at the initial launch of the website. The information supplied at this phase involves text write-up, images, downloadable, videos among any other necessary media. This stage is as crucial as the first stage above because it dictates how fast your website can be developed and the accuracy of the work.
The information you provide at this phase has a major impact on the website development process, for example the pictures chosen will have an impact on some of the colours chosen in the website design like background colours. To make it clear; this phase is where most people in Uganda fail in the website design process where you will fail to provide the necessary information while you need a website created for your business.

It is very common in Uganda where one wants a website developed urgently for their operations before planning and compiling any information to be published at the website. Always make sure to have a clear plan of the information to be published at your website before you engage a website design company because the actual truth is website designers are just computer geeks and you know so much about your operations than they know! Hence make sure you provide them the most accurate information as they may not have any idea how to make it more accurate in case it needs to be tuned up.

#3. The Web concept Design

This phase provide a graphical layout of how your website shall look-like in full colour normally in a single jpeg or PSD format. At this stage our team will present the proposed design, exchange more information with your team and discuss any other changes/additions/omissions before proceeding to the development phase. This stage is also so crucial as some changes can not be done beyond this stage; it is here that you have to exhaust all the features you will need incorporated in your website to avoid unnecessary delays in the development phase.

#4. The website development

This phase is an extension of the concept design stage, it is where you will transform the above concept into live web pages by creating computer codes that match the above design. Different technologies will be engaged at this phase but these are mostly more technical and better known to the website development teams. After this phase your website will be ready for publishing online with a proper domain name and web hosting account activated for your website.

We understand that your website is an investment and therefore we take designing your website very seriously. Website designing is our job and not something we do in our spare time. Our aim and goal is to give you a professional and easy to navigate website while we focus on giving your web pages elegance, a look of international standards, attention and impact.

It is very true that today's internet users demand fast loading web pages; with us you will be assured of very fast loading pages including graphics of high quality. We have the latest tools in website designing and very highly qualified and experienced staff to do your job.

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We highly value quality in our website design service in Uganda because Quality work has been the key to our success in website development, to us the customer is the king. We always ensure your web design is what you want but not what we want, that is why we take designing your website very seriously. That is why we involve our clients in the process of creating their website right away from start of the project.

Most of us in Uganda are aware about website design and development; website solutions include two other major services that you should know about i.e. Web Hosting and Domain Registration. Domain registration is the process of creating a domain name for your website. A domain name is equivalent to your phone SIM card - it defines your address on the World Wide Web just like your SIM card defines your address on the mobile phone network! A domain name can not be edited just like you can not edit your telephone number i.e if you want to make changes in your domain name, you have to register a new one.

On the other hand Web Hosting works like the Air time on your mobile phone; this allows your website to be accessible on the World Wide Web i.e even if you have a valid and active domain name created, you have designed a website , your website can not be fully functional until web hosting is setup and activated for you because you will not be able to upload and publish information at your website.

All websites we develop:

  • use responsive design so that your website is optimized for all devices
  • are developed in Joomla, a very strong most popular CMS
  •    are built to be managed by you, thus reducing maintenance costs
  •     are set up for successful search engine optimisation

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