We develop database systems that offer versatile data management and reporting tools. The approach we take in developing database systems here in Uganda make us a unique choice that stands out among any other ERP and management information systems you have probably used in the past. Our major focus in the area of offering management information systems is on SMEs in Uganda.

We have worked diligently building the custom database systems we offer with a history dating back over 10 years.

What you will love about our database system is its ability to store any type of data for quick analysis and reporting and the ease of deployment to system administrators. Because our software is flexible, you can use it across various professions to manage your business information. Our software has been deployed and but not limited to:

-Hotel Reservation and Management

-SME Financials and Accounts Management

-Academic Institutes; primary schools, secondary schools, vocational institues

-Real Estate management

-Retail Point of sale

Our success to develop such a versatile system relies on the framework we employed to develop it; the system has a shell database structure upon which your sub-system is added to complete the setup and deployment process. In actual sense the system is left open ready to take in any form of information as may be required by you unlike other management information systems that are pre-configured to take in only a specific set of information.

The ability to take in any information that arises along your business operations means the system will grow along the growth of your operations and you will not need to buy new information systems each time there is a change in your business activities.

Your information needs get embedded in our system by way of taking note of the kind of reports you currently generate in your operations and the documents you use to take your records at work. Your documents and reports will then be digitized into our database system and you shall then be able to use computerized records for your operations thereafter.

The above approach helps us deliver accurate solutions to you our clients because we spend most of the time sharing information between our team and you than writing computer codes since it takes us a shorter configuration process to get your data recording and reporting activities computerized into our software. Your IT personnel will also love the ease of use and flexibility exhibited by our software in case you need to add extra functionality to your database system.

Our database system uses standard Microsoft technologies at all stages to make it easier for your daily use. We took more advantage of the Microsoft .NET framework to tap into the rich data management resources offered by Microsoft technologies. Microsoft offers a very dynamic environment and our system is equally dynamic to keep up the pace.

Further to make it clear; our database system is just versatile and generic, that means it can be used for various purposes and can be configured in so many ways so as to create applications (uses). For Example it can be configured to manage business information (Accounting, HR, etc.) and can be configured to collect simple data such as game results, students marks etc. This fluidity makes the system usable in so many areas that your operations may take you to.

This database system is highly customizable. Our software is designed with three main components; the common back end which consists of Microsoft SQL server and the database objects. The second component is the standard interface i.e the application you use connecting to the database (now with both desktop and web applications) it manages security and standard data input, the third component is the customized report generator. These three components are customizable as follows:

Database Standard Interface Reporters
This is for the system administrators to create new or edit database objects such as tables, procedures and functions, triggers etc. The standard interface is the application you use to connect to the database and add store records into the database. You can customize the data entry forms to suit your business operations. Reporters are standalone applications which connect to Database for purposes of generating your computerized reports

 Our software has also evolved as a web application (System as a service – SaaS) but we shall maintain our strong desktop presence and will soon have a cloud apps presence within the Microsoft cloud platform and services. The desktop application normally connects to the local database server or on-site servers within the organization. This can simply be a simple SQL Server Instance deployed on a single computer or an enterprise wide server. The desktop application however is has been empowered to use cloud or web hosted servers. This means you can directly connect your desktop application to a SQL server either local or hosted on the web. The web application will only connects to the web hosted server. Note that it takes a significant amount of internet resources to directly connect a desktop application to a web service. In most cases, performance (speed) is sacrificed in this type connection but some times it is what you want for purposes of live data synchronization between filed operations and the main office.

In order to overcome this constraint, systems administrators are trained to properly understand what we term as proper-Usage. In order to implement Proper-Usage, You will configure desktop application to local servers and web application to web server and then configure and connect a synchronization process which uploads and downloads data between the web server and the local server.

Sample Interfaces:

1.1 The Standard Interface

1.2 Document configuration screen

1.3 Data Entry Interface

1.4 Customized Computerised Reports

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